Sun 20 June 2010

loki-0.1.1 release announcement

Posted by ankur in Tech (174 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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We had shortly discussed an app that notifies the user of a new comic strip at the recent FAD. I got down to it last week and have come up with a release. I call it "loki". It's really raw right now. It uses libcurl and libconfig to read from a conf file and check for the availability of a new comic strip. It does this by comparing the stored previous issue time stamp with the "Last-modified" tag of the HTTP header returned by the site's rss feed.

I haven't incorporated the notification area pop up and auto checking yet. Its on my TODO list for the next release.

The app is "Autotoolized". Thanks Siddhesh for the workshop and links later to get me started.

The sources are available here.

Feedback is welcome. In fact feedback is REQUIRED ;)

Comics it currently looks at:

  1. xkcd
  2. achewood
  3. A softer world
  4. Butter cup festival
  5. Dinosaur comics
  6. Indexed
  7. The perry bible fellowship
  8. Questionable Content
  9. Wondermark

You can make changes to the config files in ~/.loki to add/enable/disable/remove comics.

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