Tue 01 June 2010

My first FAD ever!

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I've been around the Fedora Community for a while now.  It's been almost two years since Rahul took an irc workshop that got me started into packaging and growing into a contributor. In all this while, I've been to a, a GNUnify where I've met up with more people within the community and had a chance to work with them.

The FAD at Pune recently was the first event dedicated to getting work done for Fedora that I had the chance of being a part of. The Red Hat office at Pune was the venue. The event went about awesomely without any glitches. Here's my report (please forgive me for my outrageously crappy photography):

This is where we stayed(click to enlarge):


The venue:


The autotools workshop:


Kushal at work:

image3Rahul :


More pics at the Picasa Page.

What I did:

I spent more than a day exploiting Rahul's test machine to code the MainMenu of the fedoratour. I revamped the backend and began working on the frontend.

Apart from the tour, I worked a lot on trying to get kupfer packaged. It relies on "waf" for installation and building and took more energy than needed. :(

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