Tue 11 May 2010

My first gnome bug report

Posted by ankur in Tech (154 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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I filed my first gnome bug report today. Until now, I was limited to filing bugs at the red hat bugzilla itself. This one is an RFE for Evolution. I use Evolution to help me manage the many mailing lists etc. that I like to keep up with. I want my replies  to also show up in the Inbox to maintain the thread. When a thread goes long, or someone replies after a while, it's a headache to go looking around in your Sent message folder to remind yourself what was going on. IIRC Gmail follows this style. Your replies are added to the current thread which makes it a breeze to understand the context of the thread.

I was told that I could achieve this by CCing myself to the email. I don't see why I should do that when the mail is already present on my system.

Here's the bug report : 618332

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