Mon 12 April 2010

Fedora tour : getting more folks involved

Posted by ankur in Tech (138 words, approximately a 1 minute read)

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So, there's a FAD planned at Pune towards the end of May. If you look at the agenda for the event, there are some folks who'd like to contribute to the Tour. Since there are only a couple of us working on it as of now, we decided that more hands on deck would be great for the project. Why wait till May? Lets get started straight away! I've planned a small "beginners session" to get the interested parties up to speed with the project. Here's the announcement on the india mailing list. We intend a global announcement too. I quickly planned this up so we can get some REAL work done at the FAD.

The session is planned at 2200 IST on Wednesday, the 14th of April. Everyone interested is welcome to join us @#fedora-tour on Freenode.

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