Sat 06 March 2010

GNUnify 2010 at Pune

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I'm pretty late with this one. All thanks to the excessive work that's bogging me down. (College work + fests + projects + fedora work :|) Anyway, here goes:

The event was the second major FOSS event that I attended, the first being at the end of the last year.  Pune was great to be at. I flew into Mumbai from Mangalore (airport nearest to Manipal) and took a train into Pune. The organizers did a great job of getting us to the event location and the accommodation provided was fabulous.

My workshop on RPM packaging was on Day2 of the event. We mostly spent Day1 trying to solve some FTBFS bugs and packaging some new stuff. Rahul's event opening talk on FOSS and Kushal's python workshop happened on Day1.

We started early on Day2 to get the labs ready for our events. I spent most of the morning setting up Fedora Packager on the systems. The tight schedule only allowed me 2 hours for the workshop, which, pretty frankly, is a short time to walk a newbie through packaging. Keeping that in mind, I decided to walk them through a font package, since packaging fonts teaches you all about the spec while skipping over the building from source. The workshop went pretty well, slow, but well. Rahul helped out by hopping around and correcting people ( Thanks for that :)). We got them to complete a spec each. Most of them managed to build rpms from them too. rpmlint errors took more time. By the time we got to this, the professor whose workshop was scheduled next at the lab was walking around ;) .

I din't make myself any slides for the workshop. A page with the relevant links was all that was needed. The workshop was to be a "no theory, all work" event. I stuck strictly to this method.

Here's a set of photos from the event.

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