Thu 21 January 2010

fedora tour mockups

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Been quite a while since we posted about the tour. Here's an update:

Here's the mail I sent to the design list:

I've made some mockups for the fedora-tour app. we're working on.

It's really amateur stuff but hopefully enough to get

the idea across. The real intention is to get you great people to

criticize them as much as possible ;)

Please take some time out from your busy schedules and have a look :)

The links:

the main tour menu:

Main page: 1st page of the selected tour:

Other pages of the tours:

All files with their svg sources are here:

The splash(I've already coded this, its a screen shot):

Please point out as many changes as you want to!! We really wont mind

revamping the entire thing too.


Ankur (franciscod)

cya folks, :)

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