Sun 22 November 2009

Fedora India meeting minutes

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From my post to the mailing lists:


To start with, links :

People present (lines said) 1. franciscod (208) 2. mbuf (141) 3. jdk2588 (37) 4. skbohra (37) 5. Pradipta (31) 6. rakesh (29) 7. kushal (17) 8. smCPU (8) 9. sankarshan (7) 10. Acedip (5) 11. kishan_ (3) 12. kishan (2) 13. zodbot (2) 14. kedars_ (1) 15. rajeshr (1) 16. rtnpro (1) 17. yevlempy (1)

There were two topics on the agenda as posted on the mailing list:

  • F12 release events
  • Tamil team
  • During the course of the meeting, we decided to discuss the
    issue of "people becoming Fedora Ambassadors and not carrying out their duties as required" also.

Minutes - Release events:

  • Planned at MIT Manipal, early January (Ankur Sinha)
  • Release party, install fests at Bikaner (Jaideep)
  • Plans to migrate 100 desktops of Coal India to fedora12

Tamil team discussion: Postponed (next meeting?)

Discussion over fedora ambassadorship

  • Making sure that blogs of *every* Ambassador is on
  • some sort of system to prevent people from signing up (because its
    ultra cool) and then not working.
  • make a nice proposal and send it for discussion and whatever be
    the result send it to FEMSco for approval
  • ideas, such as an Ambassador should be participating in at
    least one Fedora subgroup (ie docs/packaging/design/websites...)
  • Mentoring to make sure newbies holding release fests know what to say
    ie - *correct content* (since they're short on experience, we don't want them saying stuff that is different from the community's working etc.)
  • Setting up a wiki page and supplying people with updated slides
    and material to be used at release fests.
  • collecting feedback after a Fedora event from the audience (ideas
    needed on how to go about doing this).
  • regular IRC meets : fortnightly *at least*
  • good install fests never turning into sustained activities : why??


These are only ideas in short. Please go through the meeting logs provided above.

There's quite a lot of work to be done.

  • I'm in-charge of rounding up all "FAs from India"'s blogs and
    making sure they're on the planet.
  • Slides etc? (any hands ??)
There are also agendas that still need more discussion. Future
meets or discussions on the mailing list are needed.

Thank you all for attending :)

Have a nice evening

regards, Ankur

PS Also forwarding the the ambassadors list.