Sat 02 May 2009

Fedora 11 links..

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Have been busy lately.. Endsems coming up.. Here's a post on links to F11.. Most of it is from the marketing list.. I did add a few though...

"The Fedora Project is rolling out some impressive new features and functions with Leonidas. One of the most notable is the use of ext4 as the default file system (while many distributions are planning on making ext4 the default in the near future, some recent releases have chosen to keep it optional this time around). The Fedora team says that aside from ext4 performance enhancements, Leonidas users will be treated to faster boot and shutdown procedures, an automatic font, codec and clipart installer, and the DeviceKit device management tool designed to work with (and sometimes stand in for) hal. Fedora 11 users can also look forward to updated versions of the KDE, GNOME, and Xfce desktop environments, improvements in direct rendering, and better volume control and power management tools."

*For more reading on the F11 release..*

The following one talks about the alpha release

For more from on F11 :

The screenshots and tour page will be ready soon..

Until then..Screenshots :

*The Indepth features of F11 can be found here:*

Playing Multimedia on F11 :

Most of the credit for the links is Rahul's from the Fedora Marketing list..